Monday, April 6, 2009

Southern Art Show

Busy! The Southern Breeze Show is this week. The paintings I have posted before today have already SOLD! Great, but a lot of pressure to make more art and want my show to be good. Adding some more paintings that will be in the show. One am still working on (left) called Delta from the Hills is 48" x 60". Still working on it, not sure it will be ready for the show.... The above paintings are in the show and pretty new.

John Pototschnik will be here a week from today for the workshop. I just found him on the Art Renewal Center website... as a finalist last year! He always gets into the Oil Painter's of America national shows, but this is an amazing accomplishment and literally credentials him as one of the world's best artists and places him into history with the great masters! I hope his tallent rubs off while he is here!

On that note, I humbly submit my latest works...