Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Spring!...... uh....Can you hear me now?

Spring into Green!
It's spring, right? Well - the weather keeps changing on us! But this Saturday I'm in a show in the Memphis/ Germantown TN area called Spring into Green. Here's a flyer:

I'm not really "featured" - just one of the many outstanding artists that were invited to exhibit. I don't normally do "festivals" - but I will exhibit at shows that are climate controlled and are as accommodating as this group!

When I was invited I tried every tick in the book to get out of doing this. But Sherry Sanders was so nice and encouraging and helpful to meet me to pick up my paintings, etc. I just couldn't refuse. One excuse that I had was that I really don't have any green paintings yet! I did one of the top of a tree that I called, "Up". The two other paintings are of  fall scenes that feature moons. I'm running one season behind in my painting, it seems... 
Maybe the "super moon" was influencing me- don't know but here area those images that I have in the show:
Moon Over the Delta 16x20 ©Dot Courson - Oil

Harvest Moon 20x24 ©Dot Courson - Oil
Oh yeah- here is "Up": I had to use a photo to paint this... since we have not "sprung into the green" around here yet. But we're getting there.
"Up"20x24 ©Dot Courson -Oil