Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Review with Photos

Dot Courson's 2012... 

told using Photos:

Painted this in January 2012-- Sold it in December 2012.

A solo show at Caron Gallery in March. This ad was in American Art Collector Magazine.
A book of my paintings - Landscapes of the South: The Paintings of Dot Courson - published  in February and available from me.

Two of my painting demos (one shown on the bottom left corner) were done in February and will be published in this book Creative Freedom by artist Maggie Price. Published by North Light Books this year!. Pre-order HERE.

Invited to the Southeastern  Plein Air Invitational in April 2012 - my 3rd year in a row.

Beginning a painting while teaching en plein air this spring. 

My daughter's work and mine in a show at Northeast MS Community College in the fall of 2012.

One of my early paintings that the Mississippi DAR showed as part of a slideshow of my work in Washington DC this summer. 

In April I was in Florida at the Women Painters of the Southeast show.  I led a paint out for the WPSE group at the Cummer Museum grounds. I ended up featured in Plein Air Magazine's online magazine!

See the sign with the balloons?  My painting was reproduced on the sign on the street announcing the Women Painter's of the Southeast show at the WPSE show in Jacksonville, FL at the Corse Gallery in April 2012!
We took the whole family to the beach at the end of May!!!

My daughter and my own work was in a book that came out in the spring. Gaining Ground Sustanibility  Institute publisher.

I picked up my Natchez Trace Triptych from Governor Haley Barbour's office when he left in January. It had been there 3 years. He accidentally signed the front of it with a sharpie!....So I removed his signature with alcohol and a Q-tip. (see this painting below in Senator Wicker's DC office where it is on exhibit for now....)  

My Natchez Trace Triptych behind Senator Roger Wicker's offical Senate office desk in the Senate Building in Washington  DC . Installed Summer 2012.

 We hosted Bob Harper from Colorado (image above) and Lori Putnam from Nashville (image below painting roses)  for workshops here in 2012. 
I taught a 3- Day workshop for the the Delta Art Association. 
A little 6x8  plein air painting I did during the year. ©2012 DotCourson

Anne Blair Brown of Nashville taught one of our 3 hosted workshops here for us in Pontotoc in April. 

This came out in the Tupelo Journal before my solo show at the Caron  Gallery.

Plein air painting in my backyard was my favorite place to paint in 2012!
Painted some this year with my daughter artist Susan Patton shown here...
Plein Air Richmond, VA in the  Spring
I was one of the artists from the US and Canada invited to be in the Plein Air Richmond. I cannot do it in 2013 as I think I'm going to be in FRANCE  in June with the Women Painters of the Southeast. I'm on the board again and an officer again in 2013.
One of my paintings I did while painting in the Plein Air Richmond, VA in June of 2012.

I was in the Mississippi Painters Society show this year and won a ribbon. 
A tiny little painting I did while studying with Marc Hanson in  MN.
Went to Minnesota to study with Marc Hanson. This is his work that was  the cover in  SW Art Mag. in Nov, 2012 after that workshop. He moved to Colorado this year. That was a lot of fun!

A bunch of us painted with Quang Ho in Nashville after meeting him in Indianapolis, IN in November at the American Impressionist Society. ( I was on the AIS committee there and it was a lot of work but lots of fun.)  

Last painting to be finished in the studio in 2012.
My last commission in 2012.

One of my last paintings this year! This will be in American Art Collector Maganine in February 2013

My limited palette this year. BTW- It's going to be published in an upcoming BOOK that Dick Ensing is doing on artist's palettes!

Reminiscing. 9x12 Oil ©2012 This was a gift painted by my daughter Artist Susan Patton. She gave it to Jackie for Christmas this year. It's of his uncle Donald Courson and his parents Bill and Billie Faye Courson. So proud of Susan! 

Surprised when a friend found my work in the Dec. 2012 issue of Mississippi Magazine - and very happy they gave me credit by mentioning that it was my painting!  One of my earlier large landscapes, -Peace in the Valley- in the middle photo above shown over the mantel in a collector's beautiful home at Old Waverly in West Point.

That is some of my blessings in 2012...........Happy New Year!!!!