Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News from the studio...

It's November! Somehow doesn't feel Novemberish to me. Maybe it will once the time changes.I'm a night owl and am enjoying the light at the end of the day. That's about to change! Remember-time changes this coming weekend.

We had a wonderful group of artists here in Pontotoc coming to paint with Roger Dale Brown, at our third workshop this year. Roger is a great friend and had just returned from doing the Laguna Beach Invitational Plein Air show in California. It was perfect plein air weather here and we enjoyed some wonderful days painting with Roger and Beverly. Jackie and I always enjoy seeing artist friends and meeting new ones. This workshop, as usual- brought in students from three states: MS TN and AL to paint rural farms and fields in Pontotoc.  

Jackie hosted the workshop opening since I was at Southern Breeze Gallery who had a wonderful reception for my show on October 20th, If you have not been - I hope you get to go see my new work up close and personal.  I sent everyone who gets my NEWSLETTER images of my new works that were in the show - over 20 new paintings... Let me invite you to click on the Newsletter link above and sign up and view the archived newsletter. I don't send them out very often.

Several of my works were sold prior to the opening.....including this one:
Hot Hot Sunflowers 20x20 Oil. ©2011 Dot Courson

I have completed a couple of new paintings since the show! 

This one is at Caron Prince Gallery in Tupelo I named it Happy Ever After since it looked like I was riding off into the sunset as I painted it:

Happy Ever After 24 x 36 Oil ©2011 Dot Courson

Dru Jolly- a friend who's also in my class I teach in Tupelo. brought me some pomegranates (on the vine) from her daughter's home and also some fresh pears on limbs. I finished painting them last week:
Pomegranates and Pear 20x24 Oil ©2011 Dot Courson

I have this at home and it is my favorite painting since I painted Happy Ever After. There's a joke among artists that our favorite painting is usually the last one we did.....  : ) 

Until next time.... Dot

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  1. Nice work, Dot. Congratulations on your painting sales. Am pleased to read that Roger's workshop went well. Looks like he had a great turn out. You and Jackie do such a excellent job setting up these things.