Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Traveling and Painting

This week I will be traveling to Richmond, VA!

Here is the flyer for Plein Air Richmond. I so honored and really looking forward to painting there! 

 On my trip, I'm taking a painting for Senator Roger Wicker's staff to come down and pick up in Richmond. It will be on loan to hang in the office of Senator Wicker in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, DC!  I'm honored to have The Natchez Trace there.
For almost 3 years it hung on the top floor of the Walter Sillers Building, Governor Haley Barbour's official capital offices in Jackson, MS.
Here is a photo of us. On it's last day there he signed it for me at my request- before I picked it up. This is funny now but I was initially mortified because somehow he was mis-directed and signed the front (rather prominently) instead of the back as I had asked - so I had to take his signature off! I hated to do it - I'd wanted his signature for the provenience of the painting. But guess what? It turns out that alcohol removes permanent magic markers! Who knew? 

 Before it was in Governor Barbour's office it hang for almost a year in the Tupelo Regional Airport terminal. Actually, that is why I painted such a large painting. The airport marketing manager (shown below) wanted a "really big regional work of art" and I made this from several other paintings I'd done.
Upcoming News: On my return from Plein Air Richmond, I'll be painting the Delta as I'm teaching a workshop for the Delta Artists Association in Greenville the 28- 30th of June.
Hopefully, I will post some photos maybe of all this on my next blog. 
Incidentally, this painting- The Natchez Trace Parkway is still for sale! Send inquiries to artist@dotcourson.com or visit Caron|Prince website for more information and pricing.