Sunday, May 5, 2013

Art Studio Rennovation

About the studio space:

When we purchased our home around 10 years it had a nice large space upstairs to use as an art studio: a large room about 20 x 24 feet with  8' ceilings. It did not have any north side windows but I paint a lot at night anyway. It had a large western window looking over our back yard. One side had only 5' tall walls. That is where we installed new cabinets that Jackie my husband just recently built for me.

A few years ago I had painted the room a light grayed beige color -and painted the sloped part of the ceiling almost the same color of the wall color but in a lighter value because an overhanging slope in a ceiling painted the same color of a wall will not match! A sloped area will look darker - so I painted it lighter to give the illusion of the same color and made it visually more spacious looking.

Early on, Jackie made me a nice oak 4 x 8 work table- 36" high,open underneath for canvas storage. We placed in the center of the room and it was wonderful for framing and the height was just right to hold my monitor and laptop. My large Manhattan easel and a little table are beside it where I paint. A sink from the guest bathroom down the hall from the studio is used for brush washing. We use one of the upstairs bedroom s for frame storage.

Studio before: As you can see in the before renovation photos, we used wire industrial looking from Lowes for shelving. Worked great, but with everything exposed it looked cluttered:

This was how it looked as I was beginning to  clean out the studio.

He had already installed a long shelf up above the door all the way across the room at the front of the studio for props. We kept that:

Jackie begins to build cabinets:

 ...and install:

 The finished look once everything was in it's place:

We kept one of the wire racks to hold brushes in the back under the window:

Next project- bookcases to match- with doors on the bottom section. He's already drawing plans! 

Below is a short You Tube Video  we made showing the interior of the cabinets:

Thanks for reading - and Happy Painting!


  1. Jackie`s so nice to do all that for you! Im getting ready to psint my daughters room with sloped ceilings. I did not know to paint the sloped ceiling lighter. Good tip!

  2. Liza,
    He's the best! He has plans ready for the bookcase but that job will probably be delayed until gardening, yard work and pool boy duties are done.

    He's doing boy stuff too. Just built shooting houses for for deer camp. And I helped him with the "camouflage painting" on the exterior by writing, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" very abstractly- in colors that only deer can see... :-)