Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amish Paintings: 

This is an Amish child in Pontotoc county Mississippi, learning to drive a team of horses. I named it "Allied Education." as the Amish are home schooled until the 8th grade, I hear, because they learn only to do their life's work.I read a court case in TN that stated that once.

Around here the Amish have several saw mills. Also they sell fresh vegetables and homemade jams, etc. All done on wood stoves in the blazing hot summers. They are sweet folks! 

I have prints of this (Amish Driver) for sale... 8x16's for $ $50 each unframed. Contact me if interested.

A few weeks ago I had friends from out of town here and took them to see our Amish country...It's really interesting to see this place!

Here are just a few of some oil paintings of the Amish that I have done:
12x16 Available- $ 350 Unframed. 




Amish Road (Study) ©Dot Courson   AVAILABLE   - Oil - $300    14x11 Unframed.

Today I drove two hours one way to judge an art show for the Red Hill Art Association in Louisville. I would have loved to have stopped many times to paint along the way, but didn't have time... It's hard to drive past a scenic place - the old home places and farms and let that scene go by you: forever un-captured except in someone's special memory of their homeland or their own home place... And that light was just right this afternoon...  
We really have some neat places to paint in north Mississippi!

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