Friday, September 28, 2012

Mother Daughter Show

Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville invited my daughter and I to exhibit at Anderson Hall Gallery this month. We both graduated from there before going on to finish our degrees in other universities. I attended NE in the 70s (nursing - RN program) and Susan in the 90s (pre-physical.

Today we went up today to see the show which runs until the end of the month. Susan's children (my grandchildren) went up as well and it was fun seeing the 50 paintings on exhibit. I think you can find lots of family in these paintings as well as familiar southern landscapes.

Here are photos of both our works:

 All the works below are Susan's works:


  1. What a great opportunity! I know how proud you are to be 'hanging out' with Susan! :) Looks like a show I'd love to see in person! Congratulations.

  2. Thanks, Teresa. We truly enjoyed it!