Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Art Story: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Yesterday I spoke with a group in one of my hometowns - not where I was born, but where I spent my formative years- age 10 until my late 20s. It felt good to be there. People were nice.

I had been invited to speak to the Burce Rotary Club by Barbara, a childhood friend who I hadn't seen  in probably 30 years or so. She'd contacted me after she had seen where I'd commented on her cousin Judy's Facebook page about Judy's mother's passing...about how I remembered Judy's kind sweet mother -and especially her delicious biscuits she served for breakfast when I came as a kid for sleepovers there as in her home. That biscuit comment about her aunt's cooking must have really hit home for it to get me a speaking gig!

But seriously, the day Barbara invited me she said she saw my website and said that she loves to see Calhoun County women who are successful. Well, I didn't say anything back to that comment but agreed to come speak. I was reminded of a favorite quote by Lincoln who said, "I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down."

The Speech:
 I prepared and practiced a talk but once there I got off-subject several times and then in the end spent several dead space minutes getting my audiovisual equipment to work so that I could show a slide show of my art ...set to beautiful sentimental music. Also, I admit- sometimes I ramble when I talk. One man went to sleep and another audibly cursed when I was asked a question at the end because he liked to come there just to eat and was ready to leave already. That curse (that everyone heard) really rattled me and I totally forgot what I was talking about!

The News:
 The newspaper man, Joel McNeese with the Calhoun County Journal was there and called me today to ask follow-up questions for a story he's doing. I will spare any blog readers who are still reading this and just post his succinct write-up of that talk once he publishes it should you care to read it. After my talk he had insisted on taking a photo saying he only had one that was 5-6 years old. I reluctantly posed for an updated photo but was not happy about it. I like my photos of myself like I like my wine. Dated!

The Rumors:
Yesterday when I got home and posted about speaking on Facebook, I put in the Lincoln quote above. Several people commented saying they hate they missed my talk. Well, people- you didn't miss much! I must have made it sound better than it was because one Facebook friend (Juanita Smith) suggested I write a book... and another (John Pototschnik) commented, "After the book- the MOVIE!" Sometimes things get overblown and I hope I don't start getting a lot of speaking engagements, or if I do- I hope they read my blog so they will know what to expect! Anyway, you see my point here: I ramble!

Advice to Speakers:
Finally, a word of advice: If you like speaking and would like more invites-  remember to always complement people's biscuits!

Other news: 

These two little paintings were juried into the Greenville Arts Council show and will be in the Bass Center until the end of July:

Backyard Plein Air 6x8  ©2013 Dot Courson

Curve Ahead, 8x10 ©2013 Dot Courson...(I am currently doing a studio painting  size 30x40 of this.)

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  1. What a well deserved honor to be asked to speak! I am sure you charmed everyone! Love your paintings.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Appreciate your nice comment-thank you so much!
      - Dot

  2. I love the 'curve ahead'painting. Wonderful atmosphere!