Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dot Courson has Two Art Blogs

I have two art blogs...
It was not planned... 

Grab a glass of sweet tea and pull up a chair. Here is how it happened:

First I had a website is with FASO and it's at www.dotcourson.com . For many years there was not a blog associated with it.

Then FASO administrators added a place for BLOGS- so I made that my main website. It is at  www.dotcourson.com/blog.
Here's the latest blog post there:

Having my new blog with my main website very convenient-  but it's leaving behind YEARS of blogs that I've done here on blogspot! 

You are currently on my blogspot site with lots of older blogs (Notice the archived files from past years on the right.)

Actually I manage a 3rd blog! It's about Plein Air Painters of Mississippi that I started several years ago to post Mississippi events because there are lots of Plein Air events in our state and no central place to post them.
The limiting factor to blogging anywhere quite honestly is TIME... Frankly, I had rather paint than tell everyone what all I'm doing. But I need to blog because I love having YOU along,...so I hope you will continue to join me in my adventures in painting around the south.
Hope that clears thing up! Now that I've blogged.....it's already 5:00PM. Cheers!


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