Friday, October 23, 2009

Baptisism at Moon Lake - 16 x 20, Oil

Baptisism at Moon Lake, 16 x 20, Oil on canvas.
This is one of 2 of my new paintings in the Mississippi Painters Society's exhibit at the Link Center in Tupelo. Baptisism at Moon Lake,  16 x 20, Oil on canvas. This is an actual event that is held biannually when churches get together for those that want to be baptised in the oxbow lake off the Mississippi River. This takes place near Clarksdale, MS.


  1. Awesome


  2. Greetings Dot- I found your blog through Stapleton's; I'm more of a beginner,and think your artwork is lovely, with admirable brushstrokes!

  3. What a gorgeous painting! Multiple figures and a landscape. You don't see that very often. Your colors are awesome and the emotion is palpable. Great job!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I enjoy painting images that are near and dear to me. I'm happy you liked them!
    Kimber, I love doing figures but usually don't add them into my landscapes. I am glad you liked them!

  5. Oh goodness! I grew up near here and remember actually seeing a baptism as a child in this lake! So cool to see your painting!

  6. Thanks for telling me Denise! I painted this last year and it sold through Southern Breeze Gallery ...was shipped to a collector in Norway.