Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking toward Spring...

Sitting here planning paintings... and doing a few months of teaching lesson plans for a class that I teach on Mondays.

Thinking to myself:
"Well, I've done it again. I am booked pretty much solid through the spring!"

Thought I'd post some- and I do hope to see some of you at one or more of these events.

(between now and the end of spring)

Anderson Hall - NEMCC- Booneville.
Exhigiton with Mississippi Painter's Society
This exhibit opens Jan. 25 and runs till Feb. 21st, 2012.

 A solo show at Caron|Prince Gallery: Small Places: Landscapes of the South
March 1st - opening Reception from 5-7 PM. Save the date!

Jackie and I are hosting an Anne Blair Brown Plein Air Workshop here in Pontotoc on April 19-21 :

In the Women Painters of the Southeast show at Corse Gallery & Atlier in Jacksonville, Fl where I'm proud to say that I'm a signature member!

Also teaching 3 day workshop for the Greenville  Delta Art Association at the end of May:

Lowlands 14x11 ©Dot Courson
contact Delta art association: HERE


Above is a recent little painting and here below is another  that I am just now finishing up in studio:
Unfinished- -- Lookout Mountain Farm 16x20 Oil ©Dot Courson


  1. These are beautiful, and may I say the painting you have as your head title is outstanding!

  2. Thank you - and I appreciate the feedback, Judy. : )

  3. Nice to see you're keeping up your beautiful work! I've made some new music videos you might enjoy. Visit if you get a chance.