Monday, February 13, 2012


We finally had some winter. The bipolar express came through Mississippi with temps going from near 70 last week to the 20's this week.

I was finally in the mood to do a painting this weekend from a snow dusting we got last year. This scene from Scenic MS Hwy 5 - near Hickory Flat, MS where my in laws live.

Sorry I'm behind blogging....I'm getting ready for a solo show and speed painting...Photos below don't need explanations, I don't think. This is pretty much how I paint most of the time.

 Step by step demo of Winter, 24x30 -Oil:
Winter ©2012DotCourson 24x30 Oil


Final Painting is toned down somewhat to better capture the feel of winter. 
Final Painting of Winter ©2012DotCourson


  1. Dot, you make this thing about painting look so easy !

  2. Thanks, Craig! This was kinda fun... Done alla prima.

  3. Dot I love how you handled the back ground trees early in your process here, using the color shaper. It's very effective and the final piece is beautiful

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