Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Loose" Paintings Process

Below are photographed works in the beginning of my painting process along with the finished- or almost finished- works.

The whole painting process is fun, and may surprise many collectors and students of art who only see my finished works. This way of painting works for me and keeps color bright and helps the final painting look loose and (hopefully) "painterly! They are realistic when viewed from and distance and in these photos, but (trust me) they are much more impressionistic in real life!

I dislike "stiff" starts. These loose starts keep my work "alive". It is a free, creative and enjoyable process. It is not painting inside the lines, but I like to think that it is intelligently done and thought out ahead of time... Still life starts which are usually tonal, because these are done in a bit more realistic style than my other works.

There are reasons behind everything that is done. It is not as mindless as it looks!

Some of these are still unfinished as pictured here, but you get the idea.... And finally, if you are an artist and want to try to paint like this I have one word of advice for you: RELAX... it's only paint!  : )




  1. Very nice to see all these starts and what you did after! Thanks for showing!

  2. You are welcome, Marsha, Thanks for the comment! I have started to do more in process photos and will post more in future posts.