Sunday, March 25, 2012

Painting Class

Last week in my "Monday Afternoon 3 times a Month Art Class" class was en plein air in a pasture across the road from where I live. My neighbor rehabs old vehicles to make street rods or antique cars. He's getting ready to build his building there and has a couple of interesting ones that I think are ripe for painting.
It was fun but was windy and in the 80's and not everyone came - and one person got too hot... and the wind almost took us down! But hey- that'a plein air painting! 

Here are all the paintings done on site and one also that a Facebook friend did from photograph:

I even had a Facebook friend who painted the picture (below) that I had posted on FAcebook.... Here is her version that was painted from a photo:
She calls her paintings "Mater and Sally" form the Cars Movie... 

...and I named mine (above) "Mater's Momma"! 

Thanks to everyone who participated! 


  1. This must have been loads of fun to do... love the paintings! :)

  2. Thank you, Dot, for allowing me to paint from your photo reference all the way up here in NC!!!Actually, after looking at the painting for awhile, I renamed it, "Senior Friends"....they just remind me of two wise, "been around the block a couple of times", friends!!! Gail Morris