Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The TV Guide to Art

My last post said goodbye to some paintings I have sold recently. BUT....It's a new day and a new week and of course, and I'm creating new works all the time...

But first a little WARNING......
( This blog post is only about the process of painting.)

A little about my painting process...
In the studio, I paint like my husband channel surfs the television. I paint on one painting awhile- move it to the side and set another one up. If I get really interested I stay with it as long as I can. ( Some require drying time for glazes so alas- I have to change "channels"!) Some are quickly finished but they all go pretty fast. Some I need to let "get cold" while I think about them...
I'm putting this in TV terms today so my husband can understand it in case he reads this blog....

So What's On?
Here's what I have going on in my studio on this very day. One just finished, and some in the process of being completed. Most are large, one is small and therefore almost done. All started and painted within the last two weeks...

Art used for instruction. Below is a painting of a river bed that I'm doing in stages in one of my classes. I usually only paint on it when I have classes 3 times a month. I have taken it twice to demo for my students:
This river bed above is a 30x30 inch studio painting. I actually already did this painting much smaller in class "alla prima" aka "all in one go" with the class watching. I'm showing them how I take a painting study- and make it into a larger painting. Here was that smaller 9x12 version:
It looks totally different, doesn't it?

The Discovery Channel
Trying new things. I also have one painting that I've had in my studio for months. I made it up and that is why I am not moving on it. My color harmony is off, but its one I'm experimenting with. It's a 40x30 and I will eventually pull it together and get serious. I'm just having fun with it right now!

Oldies but goodies. This last piece is a commission of another painting I did and they wanted it in a different size this one is a large 40x30 and its brighter & more colorful than the other one of this same scene. I took several photographs of the region and I hope this collector likes this version as much as I enjoyed painting it again!

This has got a lot of my attention. The painting below is one that is a commissioned piece that I've just started. It's large too- a 24x36. I did two studies of it and the collectors are also buying one of the studies. I am using one study to do this painting that has just begun. It HAS to look like a certain place and it's her father's family farm where she was raised and now she and her physician husband want it in their home since they live out of town.

 I hope I can make it "feel" like the place for her! I love to think that she will have it many years and the family will enjoy it and maybe someday one of her children will cherish this painting... That is truly what I hope for. : )


  1. Nice analogy, Dot. Looks like you have plenty going.

  2. Thanks, John. Jackie liked this analogy too. This was for any male readers... he he...
    Yes, I like to be busy working, but eating your dust nonetheless - and always inspired by your own paintings, blogs, newsletters, etc. I can't keep up with you on any of this! #youaretheman!