Sunday, June 12, 2011

Artists Buy Original Art

Artists only buy original art...

They usually cherish their collections and have a discerning eye and only buy what they love. I know I do. So when other artists buy a piece of my art I am so honored....that they'd give their own good money to own a piece of my work!

I have sold three small paintings lately to artists:  During the reception at Caron Gallery for a traveling show I'm in the on Friday night an out-of-town artist friend also in the show bought one of my paintings that was already in the gallery.

Here is the piece. It was done using a limited pallet of 3 colors: Alizirin Crimson, Cadmium yellow pale, and Ultramarine blue . Well 4 colors if you call white a color. I don't. )

Later an artist at the show told me she'd recently bought another little painting of mine at Southern Breeze Gallery in Ridgeland, MS - just the week before! Also a limited pallet of everything above but this one used Cadmium Red light instead of Alizirin .

About a month ago of my local artist friends and students bought a painting from some paintings that I brought to sell where I was doing a plein air demo recently in front of Caron Gallery on Main St in Tupelo, MS.  I simply cannot find an image of it, but it was done several years ago and I had it hanging in my dining room for years until I removed it recently when I bought a painting from Roger Dale Brown or Robert Harper - I can't remember which- and replaced it with their work!

Thank you artists!!! I hope these paintings are enjoyed for years to come - and that they make a great little addition to your collections!

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  1. I can see why the artists bought the paintings. They're lovely. I am a musician who blogs about creativity.