Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye old Friends!

I recently took down a painting to take to Southern Breeze Gallery in Ridgeland, MS who had been selling lots of my work last month, in order to replace sold paintings and it sold almost immediately.
It was a large painting and there is a hole I need to fill on the wall in my home where I had had it for a year or more.
Homeplace 40x30 $2600 - Sold!

I had planned to replace it with the painting Mississippi Overlook but before I could it sold too! 

Mississippi Overlook 48x36 -$3400- Sold!

My plan now is to complete another homeplace type painting. But in the meantime I will just hang my snow scene. Jacqueline Ellens at Southern Breeze said she has never sold a snow scene in that gallery...EVER! So I will just keep it on my wall as a reminder of the cold weather we had last January with this scene up the road from my home. But it will be for sale too, eventually. I always consider my best painting to be the one I am working on at the time, so I imagine I can replace this one too! Actually that is the point of what I do as I'm trying to make a living as a hard working artist! 
January Snow 24x30 ©Dot Courson - $2400- Available

January Snow is available directly from me for purchase... or for placement into a good gallery somewhere... 
Contact me at artist@dotcourson.com for more information.

I am currently in the process of doing two large and one small commissioned paintings. 

Collectors, if you want a special commissioned painting please contact me directly and I will be glad to help you select one that will be a great investment!  
Phone 662- 617-3100. Satisfaction guaranteed ...or I will refuse to sell it to you!


  1. Fun to read about your latest successes- beautiful paintings!

  2. I have had fun discovering your blog and website. Your work is beautiful and I appreciate all the tips for other artists you put on your sites. I will be doing my first plein air show in October and am quite excited. Congratulations on all your sales. Blessings. Susan